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Our Story

Mimibox started in 2017 as the only 24-hour adult toy vending machine shop in Singapore. It was great for our customers because they could buy anonymously and instantly. And the best part was our customers could get it at any time of the day because our shops do not close. So if they simply had to get an adult toy at 3am in the mornings, Mimibox was the answer. 

Our customers started asking if we had an online shop for them to browse, so here we are today. Mimibox now has an online and retail presence in Singapore.

Our Vision

We seek to provide our customers with quality products at good value prices. Our adult toys are 100% genuine, we do not sell fakes. We take great care in sourcing responsible suppliers to provide the best value to our customers. 

We at Mimibox seek to dispel the notion that adult toy shops are taboo and wish to raise the level of awareness among the public that there is nothing 'wrong' about sex toys. Our retail shops are friendly, brightly lit and welcoming.